Network Security Strategy : Essential Protection For The Company

In this rapid change in the technology things are changing rapidly so you and your company have also have to change because if you don’t move as per the world is moving you will be way behind from other same as the security network. You have to do the change your network security strategy. The hackers are also getting advance day by day with the old network security strategy you cannot survive. To tackle the hacker you also have to make your strategy better and stronger so that it can handle malicious attack by the hacker. To make stronger and better network security strategy to do that there are several methods and technique that you can include the network security strategy.

Vulnerability Management: vulnerability management means identifying the loopholes and the out-dated software. These all the aspects is consider as the vulnerabilities. If anything detect the network will go for the penetration testing.

System Examination: system examination is very important. to examine there are professional that can examine all the system and detect what is the weak point from where the hacker can breach the system security and enter the database.

Penetration Testing: in penetration testing process is a very complex and only the professional ethical hacker can perform to detect any loophole on the security system. There are four step to run the penetration testing first you have to detect the loopholes and then you have to plan how you can fix that loopholes and then fix the loophole and then you have to report the organisation about the loopholes and the fixes and then your security will be more secure. Once you remove the loopholes or the chances of the intruder the security will be more secure but doesn’t mean that you are always safe and no one will breach the security. So you have to constantly try to make your security more secure and better.

Social Engineering: social engineering is a non-technical side that involve the security of the network. This is the way to determine the exploiting the human vulnerabilities. In this process the expert of the security of network create an interview with the employees. He will launch a phishing page and try to convince them to give all the important details in the phishing page.

After all the information is taken from the employees and they will analyse the entire thing make the security of the network better and stronger.

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